Focal scala evo

Any body demo the focal scala 111 evo. If yes what’s their thoughts on them.

I had the pleasure of demoing these speakers a couple of years ago with a full 500 system. They are capable of massive volume and throw a huge soundstage. They provide incredible detail and let you hear every aspect of the recording and what each musician is doing. They are hugely dynamic and incredibly impressive. Where they fell down was their failure to to present music as a coherent whole with musicians playing together. After about ten minutes I had been pummelled into submission and wanted the aural assault to end. As impressive wham bam impress your friends hifi they were truly great; as speakers that present music in a natural and captivating way they were truly dreadful.

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I have to agree with HH here, I found them hugely impressive, but there’s no way I could live with them.

I did hear them on naim statement and they where very impressive,but not at home on 300dr might be a different story.

I have heard them on the end of the ND555 and Statement amps. They are ruthlessly revealing and on a great recording they can recreate space and voice so well, it can transport you easily to the recording studio or concert hall like little else I’ve heard. If you have the electronics and the recordings to do them justice, then they’re definitely worth trying.

Yes that’s right naim where over in Dublin last November that’s where l heard them with the nd555 naim statement. Just would the 300dr do them justice with 555ps dr cds3, 252.

Before even considering a £27,000 speaker I’d suggest you should be looking at a CD555, a 552 and a 500. What speakers do you have now?

Focal sopra 2 the cds3 is a fantastic player with 555ps dr.

I always buy used speakers you would get a pair for 15000 if you are patient.

I know, I used to have one. I’d keep the Sopras and get a 552. I had a CDS3/555, 552 and 300 and it was brilliant.

Thanks I never heard the 552 is it much better over 252.

Yes, it’s a whole world away.

I had a 252/300DR system for about 4 months before the opportunity to trade the 252 towards a 552 (brand new) arose. Totally transformative to the music. Ridiculously transformative really.

OK Bart are you using the 300dr with 552.

I am, but have a 500DR arriving in a week or two. The 300 is great, but a this opportunity arose.

Very nice congratulations on your new amplifier.

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