Focal Sopra 2

Afternoon all,

Couple of questions if I may, any experiences and thoughts welcomed… I’m after some new speakers, but a dem will be very difficult to arrange due to my location, so I am trying to narrow the shortlist as far as possible, but having heard these a few times, I am thinking this way.

  1. Do Sopra 2s need to be well away from walls or corners in order to work well?

  2. Does it matter that the wall behind is not solid (or rather, it it solid but has plasterboard on battens lining it)?

Many thanks in advance!

The sopra n2 will work better with some space off the walls, and that is beneficial for most speakers, 40cm will do but if you give them more they will produce better and deeper soundstage.

The same rule apply to the side walls, the more you give them, more the sound expands out of the speakers to the sides also. The sopra line produces very large soundstages, give them space and you will be regarded, less space you get a less wider image.

I think this apply to most speakers, the size of the room is also important, as the n2 needs space to fill and not become boomy.


Yep agree more space the better. Its not easy in my room currently (moving soon) - but rest assured they sound great where ever ,provided you have a good enough poweramp.
I moved from 200DR which was not adequate to 300DR which is stunning.
Not that I have the funds but i reckon a 500 or 2 of the new nap 350’ would take them to a whole new level.


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