Focal Sopra no 1

How good are Focal Sopra no. 1, Is it worth to upgrade from the current Proac D2R I have? Getting around 30% discount on Sopras.

Appreciate your inputs please.

They are going to be very different. The only time I heard Sopra 1 they were driven by an Atom, which clearly wasn’t ideal, and they were screamingly bright and threw the music at you in a most unnatural way. Driven better, they might be different, but I certainly wouldn’t get them without an extended home trial first.


Same experience here, and it was on higher separates Naim amplication.
Overly analytical and bright.
Some listeners seem to like this effect at first, while others leave the room rather quick.
At their asking price they should be much more neutral.

BTW Naim have destined the new Nova PE ideal to Focal speakers, maybe they have solved tonality ?

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With a 282/SC/250 I very much liked the Sopra 1s but then I heard the 505s.

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I rather enjoyed the Sopra 1s when I heard them. If someone were to give me a pair in orange then I’d be delighted.

Only way with any loudspeaker is to take a listen for yourself.


A sometime user of D2’s here … always an engaging listen - would be a shame to lose those qualities … proceed with caution!


I had Sopra No. 1 for about 3 years - with 282/250DR. I took a risk on an ex-dem pair (un-auditioned) and was not disappointed. They’re fantastic speakers and I recall them to be fairly neutral and uncharactered (i.e. play what you feed them). Treble was certainly present, but smooth and they were good rhythmically. I’m a bit of a bass-head and ultimately wanted the scale of a larger speaker, but my KEF Ref 3s haven’t beaten them in terms of image, transparency or engagement.

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When I was demoing speakers last year I listened to a pair of Sopras on a Naim system at a shop and was surprised by how disappointing they sounded. Very muddy with awful imaging. A shame as I had owned a pair of Focal 1007BE in the past and viewed the brand favorably.

I eventually went with a pair of Kudos Titan 505 speakers and am thrilled with them.

I heard Sopra 3 twice with Gryphon int. and 282/S.cap/250 and was not too bright at all. Not Sopra 1 but i guess presentation should be similar.

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