Focal Sopra successor?

It has been more than 6 years since Focal released the Sopra line at Munich High-End Show (May 2015).

When do you think we might expect a successor to the Sopra line?

To help us come a little closer to the answer, it might be helpful to know which line of speakers did Sopra succeed and how long that line was on the market.

What will they be Clones or First Order Sopra’s?

They are going to ditch the Sopra line altogether and reintroduce a revised and improved version of the Ovators with the S-1000 and pair them up with the S1/Solstice system.
Let me dream for a while!:sunglasses:


When looking at Chorus 836V and their successor Aria 936, there were 6 years between those two models. That can mean something and again, nothing.

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