Focal (Storm Audio) Astral 16 AV Bypass into NAC 282 Hissing

Replacing Denon x8500h with my new Focal Astral 16 - sending signal from XLR output (13/14) into 282 and regardless of port from Astral (tried 15/16 as well) into 282 (DIN5 to L/R XLR), getting static/hissing noise.

I have all sources disconnected into Astral, so just power cable (have tried included cable and a Power-Line from my 555). I have also switched up different input DIN sources into 282. I have switched 282 in and out of AV bypass mode and problem exists in both scenarios.

Naim streamer working fine into Tuner port without static, so problem is either Astral or DIN-XLR cable. Power source is an AQ Niagra 5000 into dedicated 20A circuit.

Any ideas?

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