Focal Utopi 2022 & Naim Uniti Atom HD: cable


Any suggestion of cable?


In the first instance I’d recommend the cable that comes with the Utopia 2022.

If you’re absolutely set on buying a new cable, perhaps consider a PowerLine, new or used, for your Atom. I swapped the PowerLine Lite (UK) supplied with the my Atom HE for a full fat PowerLine and immediately noticed the difference on my Utopia 2022’s, still using the balanced XLR cable as supplied with the headphones.


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Yes, after 6-12 months of listening, I’d like to test other cables.

@Tonio i will be getting Cardas Clear beyond HTP. Not too many have tried it with the Utopia, but those who have ( and YouTube) feel it makes a significant difference. I need 4.5 meters. I am purchasing without auditioning. Focal will not make a custom length cable.

@Jaybar, I’ll take a look, thanks :pray:

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