Focal Utopia 2022 Headphones

Updated design and tuning introduced on the Focal Utopia

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I was losing the will to live. Did he eventually put them on his head?

I absolutely never watch these kind of videos, they always trigger homicidal tendencies🤣


As far as I can see UK retail is £4699, 20% increase ! what has changed ?

…the price.


Exactly, inflation’s a bitch.

I think it’s quite remarkable how quickly Focal became a leading name in the headphone world. I really like it, it’s the sound I love and recognize from my SBLs.

Still saving Pennies …

Save yourself £3500 and check out the Clear MG’s or £1000 for the outgoing Utopias.

Nice :sunglasses: Our new Utopia headphones should be next week :slight_smile:

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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