Folder in download Wav? 🤔

Is there a safe way to view the album cover downloaded in wav mode? On the iPad or iPhone in the Nas Unit reserve some downloads you don’t see the cover. Recently I download the jpg image cover from HD track or similar and I see that it should be renamed “folder” otherwise it works little

With the exception of Qobuz, (who are #@*%#) When buying an album from any of the other vendors, normally WAV files have album art embedded & you can see it correctly when viewing/playing on the Naim app.
Most also include a separate .jpg of the cover art, this is frequently a better quality & larger pixel version. It must be a .jpg & not a .pdf as some include.
If you need to embed art, to change to something better or different, it must be a .jpg & named as Cover or Folder to be used in most NAS units. This can be any of cover, Cover, COVER, folder, Folder, FOLDER to work.

I will add that some vendors no longer include WAV, ALAC or AIFF as an option & only have FLAC. This is not a problem & OK to convert to WAV if thats your preference. I use dBpoweramp for this. With Qobuz I now only get a FLAC even if they show WAV, in recent times I found they always mess up wth WAV.

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All my music is in WAV format and I have no issues with album art.

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Hi Mike, the WAV mess up you refer to, is it just with the cover image or with the WAV files?

The WAV data content itself is OK, but they do not include any metadata (all the tag fields are empty). I sent an e-mail politely informing of the error, they replied that WAV cannot contain metadata. When I pointed out they were wrong, with the technical reasons, and that all the other vendors include metadata with WAV and that they (Qobuz) had embedded metadata with the many WAV albums I had bought from them in the past, they reply to tell me I am mistaken. !!! Idiots.


One thing I noticed when ripping cd’s with my old UnitiServe was that the album art was in a really small file. I came to prefer to download album art myself and get a better version. It doesn’t matter so much if just looking at the display on the player, but on an iPad it seemed to make a difference.

The customer is always… err … wrong?

The US stores artwork up to 1280 x 1280 pixels, which was probably more than enough for the N-Serve app on iOS devices that were around when it was released. Perhaps less so for newer iPads with larger screens and Retina displays. If you try to load much larger artwork it can cause problems.

When I used the UServe to convert to flac, it put TINY .jpg files in the folder – like 30 kb – that were really low res. Maybe the files embedded in the .wav files were much better and bigger (?)

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