Football season 2022 - 2023

Looks like Nobby Styles practicing his World Cup winning celebrations for a few months time…

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Italy v England is resembling a Legends game, poor passing, error strewn and lethargic. Walker seems to have decided not to pass forward and everybody else looks confused. Kan’s doing a Messi impression by just walking around and not pressing….way too many games for these poor horses.

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I forced myself to watch this.

Players out of form, out of position and out of favour with their clubs. How is it they can’t hit a decent corner or free kick once they pull on that shirt?

A gutless and disorganised display. Two players within two yards of each other going for the same ball. Aimless passing at the back ending in conceding possession. Long balls for Sterling to win in the air :confounded:. Kane so desperately slow against an organised defence. Bellingham the only player with a bit of drive and vision it seemed.

Reality time; despite appearances to the contrary England are ordinary. They don’t beat top rank teams and rely on penalties too often during games (or after extra time). They have over achieved at the last two tournaments with favourable draws and a bit of home crowd momentum

How many top ten ranked sides England have beaten since the start of the last WC? Denmark at the last Euros the only one? Germany aren’t top ten incidentally.



the key criteria to be on any board should be the contribution that you can bring to benefit the business

Bubbles is West Ham’s PR director, I assume.

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As Mr. Lineker said, if England are allowed to play their natural attacking game, they look half decent. If they have to play the ‘modern’ defensive-first game, they look like a set of amateurs.


Perhaps they’ve outgrown their manager.

It is curious how Southgate, will all the talent available, can produce such an ineffective midfield.

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I thought Maguire had a pretty good game until he gave a that cheap penalty away.

And being dispossessed 25 yards from German goal and they run up the pitch and score.


We do not look like a team that in its last two tournaments has reached the semi finals and the final and instead of building on that success and feeding through the numerous very talented young players he has stuck with and added to the old guard.

When a manager is as tactically inept as Southgate new blood is needed I get that he is a good spokesperson and has until recently been very popular with the public and I get that because of his previous success he deserved another tournament but after throwing away the European Championship that was virtually won somebody in charge should have appointed some young and experienced coaches or an assistant some like Albert Stuivenberg at Arsenal.

Having players like Ben White and Fikayo Tomori sitting at home and playing Maguire, Dier and Shaw playing Bukayo who has won Best England and Arsenal Player awards at right wing at left back just shows that left alone this manager is clueless.

Well, looks like it will be a difficult time for us mighty lilywhite fans this weekend. The noisy neighbours are top of the league, flying, and we (although churning out results) are still trying to find our feet, so to speak, during our major rebuild. Also, we are playing at the Library 2.

All sensible money is being put on the Ars. to come up with a win, and if they don’t, it will be a serious indication that they have just benefitted from an easy start to their fixture list, and that clearly Arteta is not up to the job.

We have nothing to lose, and our fans realise we are far from being the finished article yet. We need another season.

Maybe, because we have 2 first teamers out, we should apply to the league for a postponement of the game ? If Ars. can do it (covid scam), surely so can we ?


@bhoyo Are you alright after Ian?

Game spoilt by Martinelli’s cheating. Typical Arsenal.

Tottenham do themselves no favours playing this dull counter attacking football. I thought they had learnt their lesson with Mourinho. Son and Kane must be rolling theirs eyes when Conte makes hi pre- match team talk.

Stupid tackle…red all day long.

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Gunners well worth their win today, regardless of Royal’s needless red card. Spurs seem to rely too heavily on their counter-attacking game plan. If it doesn’t work they don’t seem to have a plan B.

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Spuds taking it up the… :joy: :joy:

What was he thinking, raking his ankle up Emerson’s studs? Red should have gone the other way.

Mashed Spuds with a pint of bitter and a lump of hard cheese is one of my favourite meals.