Football Season 2023/24

Off to work now but I’ll post more later. Suffice to say there is already a Premier League thread so this one is for the rest of us.

Thanks to @mikehughescq for setting this thread up.

@dave-marshall - Dave, what’s the word out of Elland Road? Are we looking likely to have a manager soon and will that be Viera or Farke?

Any what kind of a team are we going to be able to put out!!

First up Cardiff, here we go again.

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No new manager white smoke announcement from Elland Road yet, and any “definite rumours” are just media baloney.

It sounds as though there will be many departures, in some cases “Thank goodness” for me, as there’s a logjam of dead wood at Leeds right now.

I don’t fully understand the relegation clause thing.

Whilst I get the need to apply a wage cut, and make players available for transfer, I don’t see why the player’s valuation drops to bargain basement levels. I guess it’s because it’s seen as better to offload someone who’d rather not stay.

Anyhow, we need to get a move on, and get a decent pre-season underway as soon as possible.



Okay, long work day but just wanted to emphasise that if you want to discuss the EPL or to indulge in the kind of so-called “banter” which is generally out of keeping with the rest of this forum and, in my view, creates considerable barriers to participation, then this is not the place for you. @LSLFAN and @dave-marshall you’ve struck exactly that tone for me.

Weird day for me. The EFL fixtures are out and for the first time in fifteen years I had to pay attention. The EFL Trophy and Carabou Cup too. No pre season purchases at all. Just Fozzy back in on a one year contract. A mistake for me. The penalty save against Notts County will live forever but the reality is that he played eight games; absolutely cost us the Halifax game and dropped a clanger in every game he played. At forty it can only get worse.

Genuinely hope Leeds are sharp enough to not go for Farke. He’s simply not good enough. Viera, if he drops down, is a much more interesting option. I’m not convinced given that he made such a basic error at Palace which Roy fixed inside one game but he still has to be better than Farke surely?


Maybe because Wrexham already have a League One quality squad?

Anyone have any thoughts about Brendan Rodgers going back to Celtic? My feelings are mixed: He’s a fine manager, but last time around he left Celtic in mid-season. He has some bridge-building to do; winning would probably accomplish that.

That’s definitely the theory.

I remain to be convinced how that will play out in practice. We have probably six Championship level players but only one of them is about to become a Championship level player: Tom O’Connor if he does sign for Coventry.

The rest have either not been tested to that level or have previously played there i.e. their career trajectory is downwards. Elliot Lee was let go by Luon because he couldn’t get game time in a team on a clear upwards trajectory. He played in league two nine years ago and by all accounts was brilliant. Whether he can do the same nine years later is not obvious (to me at least). We know Mullin can deliver at league two level. The rest? We’ll see.

Brenda at Celtic will be interesting. The guy can build a team and an “identity” but here he’s inheriting a very good team and a style of play (arguably) more exciting than his trademarked version. Will he dismantle it? Will Europe do for him?

The big question mark for me is whether he can rebuild i.e. if he does have initial success can he do what he hasn’t yet done at Liverpool and Leicester and refresh successfully?

I think he’ll last longer than will Ange @ Tottenham.

Is Ange on a year-to-year contract? That was his preference at Celtic and, I think, before he got to Scotland. If Levy really does cede control to Ange, and give him at least two seasons, I imagine he’ll be a huge success. But this probably belongs in the other thread.

Ahem. The Premier League thread is elsewhere.

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I don’t follow mls closely, though I had seasons tickets for the Vancouver Whitecaps for 5 years. However, will be interesting to see how last place Inter Miami improve with a coaching change and the addition of Messi and Busquets.

I used to watch the Lauderdale-based Miami Fusion. When they were closed (after a winning season), I went occasionally to see the revived Strikers. I haven’t yet been to see Inter Miami, but will probably do so. I’m not especially a Messi fan – especially not the non-running Messi – but things promise to be interesting. However, tickets are about to get hideously expensive.

I suspect Messi and Busquets will find the speed and fitness of MLS opponents to be a challenge, although no one else will match them for technique, guile and experience.

If the team fails to sweep all before it, South Florida fans will drift away very quickly. It’s a fickle market here, and pro sports struggle. Apart from the Dolphins.

So, Daniel Farke it is then, for The Mighty Whites.

Not necessarily my first choice, but infinitely preferable to some of the other contenders appearing on the media shortlists; rumour control central at best, or “I just made that one up, based on absolutely nothing at all” which is probably nearer the mark.

He comes over well in his first interview, and his track record on escaping from The Championship has to be respected.

We need to get down to business in trimming out all the dead wood at Elland Road, (and there’s plenty of that), and look to a combination of new faces and the youngsters already on the verge of first team duties, to replace the players we would like to keep, but who would prefer to leave, rather than play Championship footy.

Onwards, and upwards, hopefully.


So it’s Farke after all Mike, they obviously didn’t listen to your counsel!

I have to say that I am ok with that rather than the other two on the shortlist, Viera & Scott Parker and he knows the league - just hope they can put out 11 decent players.

@dave-marshall - what’s the feeling up there Dave?



Gary Parker, who’s he then?

Nah, … … … nor Scott Parker neither … … … … Steven Gerrard? … … … No … … … just, no … … … Fat Frank? … … … deffo not, … … … and as for Lee Bowyer? … … … yer ‘avin’ a larf, aintcha?

Let’s wait and see.


Ah bugger, meant Scott, not Gary - must have gotten overexcited - duly edited.

I’m worried now Dave that you are not getting excited - or even mildly optimistic :grinning:

I originally considered either Graham Potter or Brendan Rodgers, but clearly, neither fancied The Championship.

My lack of enthusiasm is centred around the playing squad, as we’re looking like losing some of the better players such as Gnonto, Summerville, Adams and Sinesterra, and struggling to offload the likes of Aaronson, Roca, James or McKennie.

We may not have a first team keeper this time next week and both Cooper and Ayling are fast approaching their sell-by dates.

So there’s a lot of work to be done in recruitment over the next few weeks.


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Apologies for the delayed response. Was on a cruise ship celebrating a significant birthday for Mrs. H. Phone didn’t get looked at other than for Apple Pay whilst in Airplane mode and Wallet for acquiring boarding passes for planes.

I’d have gone with Viera given the names on the table but with a certain amount of trepidation. His decision making at Palace was odd. Lost Gallagher and tried to persist absent anyone in thar position. Roy comes in; puts Eze into that position and hey presto.

Parker is effectively Farke. Could build a team to get you out of the division but would then need to be replaced as neither are EPL standard managers. Always amuses me how our Norwich loving fans still believe that getting rid of Delilah and his having the budget would solve much of their issues when the fundamental issue is that he simply wasn’t good enough.

An interesting fit for Leeds given that ridding themselves of the man who recommended Bielsa and successors could have been expected to produce a slightly different outcome manager wise e.g. one who could build a defence or know what a defensive midfielder looks like. Instead Leeds appear to have gone with someone who is effectively a clone of the worst of Bielsa and Marsch. I shall watch with interest but in all honesty I don’t expect him to last a full season unless they’re top three by Christmas. I shall check in with a couple of Leeds fans I know to awe their take.

Enjoyed catching up with the thread and the MLS discussion. It’s a league I really need to learn more about.

Highlight of catching up with football news for me was reading about the jailing of Andy Piley. I doubt Wrexham or other non-league fans will be expressing too much sympathy there.

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There probably aren’t many subscribers here to The Athletic (I read it through my NYT subscription), but this is a good piece. If you ever suspected Messi was getting preferential treatment from officials, you were right. And he’s likely to need it in the fast and physical MLS.

How MLS referees will officiate Lionel Messi: Navigating the idea of protecting superstars - The Athletic


Beat me to it, had finished reading the article. I agree the pace of the mls game is fast, physical I’m not so sure about. I probably watch too much Scottish football where the refs routinely ignore tackles that would cause riots elsewhere. Until recently, the first 10 minutes of an Old Firm game were career threatening for all involved.

The Old Firm games definitely needed to be moderated. But they’ve been neutered. Not enough Glaswegian bampots in either team!