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David Sylvian’s solo career started here…

David Sylvian : “Red Guitar”, (1984).
Found this gem in our 7” single collection, today.

At the time, was a huge fan of Japan.
When they disbanded, eagerly awaited what followed next. This debut single from Sylvian was released early June 1984. His debut studio album “Brilliant Trees” followed not long after, during ‘84.

I’d forgotten we have this single. What a treat.
A side is “Red Gutiar”
B side is “Forbidden Colours”.

We listen to his albums a lot. Whilst I’ll happily listen to both pieces, my preference is with Forbidden Colours, (appearing on the later “Secrets of the Beehive” album, as CD bonus track), which is much more musically interesting. The piano work is just sublime.

For Red Guitar, there is a fascinating back story - here in this link

Brilliant Trees is probably in my top 100 albums. (Impossible to do a top 10). It gets played a lot in our house. Along with Secrets of the Beehive (1987) and Dead Bees on a Cake (1999). All much loved.

But, it all started with this single.


Forbidden Colours, with Ryuichi Sakamoto, is breathtaking…


There are a few Sylvian / Japan/ Karn etc fans here
Eg David Sylvian | Japan | Rain Tree Crow


One more here - saw Japan in 82 and Sylvian live many times.

Brilliant Trees/Gone to Earth/Secrets of the Beehive is quite a trilogy.


I liked Japan when they were around and think the Raintree Crow is excellent but didn’t look into David Sylvians solo music unti a few years back. Can’t believe how I missed them as they are excellent and have some on vinyl and cd.


Completely agree…

Those first three albums : (1) Brilliant Trees (1984) ; 2) Gone To Earth (1986) ; (3) Secrets of the Beehive (1987), form an exquisite trilogy. An astounding body of work.

I also like really like “Dead Bees on a Cake”, (1999).

There are so many life long favourite pieces within these albums. Too many to mention.


Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities was in that early period and is rather good too. I remember listening to Gone To Earth endlessly during my first year at Polytechnic.

The collaboration group Nine Horses should not be overlooked if you prefer his early solo period.


New CD Box set "Do You Know Me Now?’ coming later this year. There are way too many of these. Disappointing. Retired as I understand it so no new material coming. There is some stuff that he did with Joan Wasser (Joan As A Police Woman) that is available if you search the auction site.

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Rain Tree Crow

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Thanks had almost forgotten that.

I’m sure I have it somewhere, maybe a 12" version though.

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Do share a photo, if you find it :wink:

Now confirmed.

samadhisound 2003–2014 Do You Know Me Now? contains all of David Sylvian’s solo albums issued between 2003 and 2014 , plus the albums recorded with Nine Horses, Jan Bang & Erik Honoré and Franz Wright & Christian Fennesz. The set also contains an exclusive compilation CD, Do You Know Me Now? featuring non-album tracks recorded with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Nine Horses.

And a 100 page book.
Only from shop dot davidsylvian dot com


Surprise no one has mentioned Manafon and Blemish, arguable his best work.


“Blemish” is fantastic - especially that epic title track.

A Smiths song comes to mind. Any fan will already have all the material on these 10 discs as I do. This is purely for the completist or someone who is missing stuff and doesn’t mind paying a lot for it. It will most probably go up in value over time if it is left on a shelf for a few years.

“Paint a Vulgar Picture” ?


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