For lovers of Talk Talk


We will not see the brilliance of Mark Hollis again but this looks interesting.

Some tracks available for streaming.


One of my life’s saddest moments hearing the passing of Mark. Talk Talk were just sublime. For me, in their later period.


The progress made over the 6 albums is very clear to see. ‘It’s My Life’, ‘The Colour of Spring’ and ‘Spirit of Eden’ do it for me every time.

I remember hearing ‘Life’s What You Make It’ on the Gary Davies lunch time show for the first time. So different to anything else that was out there at the time. I bought the album with Prefab Sprout’s ‘Steve McQueen’ on the same day. My best ever day of music purchases.


The Colour of Spring is my No1 reference record for testing out hifi purchases. Apart from the music which is absolutely first rate the recording and mastering are just brilliant.


Arrived today. Very relaxing.

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Thank you so much for this. Held By Trees are new to me.

The good thing (apart from the album being very good) is that, though they give a nod to later Talk Talk they are not plagiarising them. Great late afternoon drift away…

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@badlyread thanks so much for this post, hadn’t heard anything about this and have just settled down after the last call for the day and it’s gorgeous.

Currently streaming it but vinyl and cd now on order, totally evokes memories of Talk Talk.

Got a feeling it’s going to be played a lot.

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Thanks for posting this. I see the whole album is now on Qobuz so I will be taking a listen later :+1:

I will certainly give that a listen… Talk Talk are the centre of my musical world too. Another link that fans may like.

Mark Hollis: A Perfect Silence (Signature edition)

Still can’t believe he’s gone :cry:

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