For those with hearing loss and an iPhone

I’m soon to be fitted with my first hearing aids, and found the various posts on the subject very useful, especially this one…

One thing that convinced me I needed help with my hearing was setting my AirPods Pro to match my audiogram. I hadn’t realised I could do this until I started to research hearing loss, and it has allowed me to hear some of my favourite music, that had started to sound ‘muddy’, as I used to enjoy it.

If you have an iPhone and Apple earbuds/headphones you can use the Accessibility - AirPods - Audio Accessibility Settings - Headphone Accommodations - Custom Audio Setup to match the output to your audiogram. It made a massive difference to what I heard, convinced me I need hearing aids, and made me hope that, when they arrive, my system will sound as good as it previously did.

One tip - you must have your AirPods in your ears to be able to access this setting.


Is it a manual setting or do you upload something your Audiologist have you?


Also, there’s some very good apps available for iPhone with AirPods that you can test your hearing. Surprisingly accurate.

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It says you can upload an audiogram by file or photo. I tried, but ended up inputting the figures myself. It didn’t take long, and was worth every second.

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Any chance of a screenshot of how the figures are inputted?

I don’t have EarPods but this facility might make them a useful purchase for me.


Hope this shows you how it works. Obviously you input the figures from your audiogram for left then right ears in the final screen. It makes a huge difference to the sound.

This may help too,your%20specific%20hearing%20loss%20shape.


Thanks for that, appreciated , seems straightforward enough.


Very interesting, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Presumably this functionality appears in settings or in an AirPod app?


I found where to add audiogram but I guess it only works via AirPod Pros?

Also, there’s a nice little instruction video on YouTube which I found by searching Add Audiogram iPhone

Another question is does it work with AirPod max

Don’t quote me but I’m fairly sure it works for AirPod Max too.

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Thanks, it probably doesn’t work for non-Apple headphones I suppose.

I also wonder if there are dangers in whacking up the high frequencies without audiology support

I think you’re right, that it only works with Apple headphones.

If you’re using an audiologist’s audiogram, I think you’ll be fine. I’m sure Apple is way too cautious to add a feature that could damage people and invite litigation.

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