Form factor, which one you are missing?

Which one you would like to see in the Naim product line? My list:

  1. Full size replacement of Uniti 2. Was great machine
  2. Half size CDP or transport. Top load or with tray. Not slotted, please
  3. Half size streamer
  4. Nait 1 not limited to 1973 pcs. Do not mind if it will not have figure 50 on board

That would be the Star

I would consider it with a matching integrated if that was available. I’d also consider an Atom HE if there was a matching power amp.

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Star is a good product, but I did talk about player.

The Star will play CDs as well as ripping them.

I think that’s an opportunity missed. It may have been subject to polling and found not to fly or maybe it cuts across other products (the Star for example!) but Atom, power amp and Core matched and stacked with a suitable vinyl source would be a good downsize option for me in the future and cover the various mediums I have. I might not even offend the home furnishings committee with that suggestion.

I’m not greedy but the power amp could be beefier than the combined 70W of the Star if it was separate.

What’s wrong with slot loaders? Having had a tray-load HDX for 15 years, I would probably prefer a slot.

Nothing wrong, just do not like :grinning:

Maybe next line of new classic Naits will offer a half width edition.

I’m sort of chocked Nait 50 not only beat current integrated Nait range, but reading yesterday a 282/250DR owner was overwhelmed and had no plan of going back to his separates :flushed:

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