Format NAS drives

Just wondered if anyone had any bright ideas?

I changed my 2 x 3Tb drives to 2 x 6Tb as the 3Tb were nearly full

I have tried to format the 2 x 3Tb drives in a docking station, but Windows (10) states it cannot be done?!

I would quite like to sell the drives, after making sure they are formatted - any ideas how to achieve this welcome

I do not wish to upset my NAS drive as all is working fine!


I believe that is because once formatted in your NAS, Windows no longer recognises the drives as either unformatted or suitable for use with Windows.

You can get low level formatting tools which would return the drives to a state suitable for use by Windows, BUT……. be very careful in their use as they can easily turn drives into paperweights.

Deffo need to know what you’re doing here.


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Use Windows Disk manager and delete the partitions.

However unless you want someone recovering what is in the drives you need to secure erase them.


Sometimes third party partition management tools make this job a bit easier, my tool of choice is AOMEI Partition Assistant

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It may well offer a secure erase option too.

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Indeed it does


open diskpart.

Type list disk

Select the disk that needs formatting

Type clean.

Get the right disk lol.


Thank you for the speedy replies, must be getting old (well I am) but not too confident, so may just have to use them as paperweights, will think about it over the weekend.

Thanks again for replying

I used that to expand the drive that I have W10 operating system on.

Worked perfectly and easy to use.

A couple of old pre-used drives of unknown condition must be worth nearly nothing. So if it were me I would just put them to one side and sometime later get round to physically destroying them.

Looking at sold listings on the bay a 3TB NAS drive should fetch about £40 or so, so two of them isn’t exactly nothing

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That’s nothing. Not worth the effort. Really.

A bit of perspective needed here I think, for a lot of people £80 is a day’s wages


Why not buy a couple of cheap HD caddies and use them as extra storage/backup.

That is the problem, I have a couple, but Windows does not like it ?!
It was really just a vague hope there was an easy way…

But it’s not even £80 certain profit. There will be selling costs if using eBay, dealing with any issues where the buyers can’t make them work and handling returns and disputes. They possibly wouldn’t sell anyway. It’s just not worth the bother.

I went thru a similar HDD nearly full a while back.
All my files were WAV & DSD so based on reports from others and my own experiments including using Asset on the fly transcoding I elected to convert WAV to FLAC (5).
Using dBpoweramp Batch Converter it took a few hours including overnight, but it was faultless and well worth it. It saved a load of HDD space, enough to take me to the time when the NAS is past its best and maybe SSD is a lot more sensible.

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