Formating an external drive for a STAR?

I have a new STAR and bought an AFT Blackjet/Samsung EVO 860 SSDs to rip to that is not yet formatted. I have an Apple Air laptop that is running Catalina OS X 10.15.4 and want to backup to the laptop as i don’t store anything on it. What is the best format for my Blackjet that I could rip to and then disconnect it and plug it into my laptop to transfer a backup? Bing the best to rip to is my higher priority. Thank you to everyone who responds as i am a newbie when it comes to a NAIM STAR. richard

You format the drive for either Windows or Mac via the App, Settings, Manage Music.

So the STAR controls what formatting it uses with the external drive? Any idea what format that is, or is it proprietary to NAIM STAR? Thanks

It’s Ntfs for windows, or hfs+ for Mac; so for you the latter would be what you would choose.

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