Forum 2nd Anniversary

So as we approach the 2nd Anniversary of the Naim forum in this format and provider, we should consider the major and worldwide changes that have affected us all. With the encouraged reduction in mobility, reduced level of international travel more time is being spent in our homes than ever before. As such, for me, my HiFi system & music collection has become even more important.
Is this the same for other forum members?
What else has changed in the last year?
What have been the high points?


Hi Simon, as I’m on my own and social life now virtually non existant, music has kept me sane! I’ve also managed to upgrade my system significantly in the last year. So thanks to Naim for this forum and those lovely black boxes!!


That 2 years has gone quickly and hasn’t things changed. I joined earlier but struggled with the old one forum.

Like a few here this forum is the one form of social media I participate in.



Two years have indeed passed by very quickly. A few stats for those who might be interested in such things. The Naim forum community now numbers over 9,000 members with a current average of over 1,300 user visits per day.

The most popular thread over the last year was What are you listening to in 2020 and WHY might anyone be interested?

The most popular thread in the Hifi corner over the last year was System Pics 2020.


Hey Richard you forgot one important stat …
How many days have I spent out of “ Naim Jail “
All the Best and Happy New Year.


Happy new year to you too Steve.

I think the forum platform works very well, and the change 2 years ago gave us all a better experience.


Hi! how many members were there in the good old days Richard?

I cant recall the exact numbers from the early days. Over the years as the old forums grew you would often get multiple sign ups as members forgot their passwords or changed their emails, so getting an accurate idea of numbers became more difficult. Bots and crawlers can seriously skew the view numbers too. The current platform is much tighter and also easier to manage here, so the numbers should be a fairly accurate indicator.


Okey! Thanks for the reply Richard!

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