Forum 504 error

Trying to access the forum earlier on my iPad, I was greeted with “Bad Gateway - Error 504”, and couldn’t connect.

It’s working fine on my MacBook, so I removed the Discourse app from the tablet, then reinstalled it, having first cleared my browsing history.

Back to normal, once I signed back in again.

Anyone else?


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Same here - just waited a bit and all good.

Yup, Same here. 502 bad gateway error. Not sure what happened but we’re looking into it.

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It was a 502 for me but hete we are.

I had 504 on the iPad only, Android phone and Windows/Chrome were OK
I just deleted and reinstalled the app

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I kept getting the 504 error message for 20 mins or so. Went to make a pot of tea, and the screen cleared.


Same here. Server side error which is now fixed. All is well again.

Tea fixes everything

502 here , it started around 5.30 ish

The problem has been found and sorted - apparently a failed backup transfer.


The forum never sleeps !!!

Best wishes


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