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Hi all
iphone 11 - for a while now I’ve had to ‘allow cookies’ etc every time I look at the forum, even though I keep the page open on my phone’s browser: is it just me, or are others having to do this? :thinking:

It happened here. The answer is to install the Discourse app and use that.


Happening here too, on iPhone & iPad. Randomly.


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Yes constantly, every time I return. I simply accept it as one of those things that occurs though it shouldnt.

Nope, don’t get it at all but I did a while back. Can’t remember what the solution was tho… :confused:

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Best to run the App on an iphone or iPad. Even then I get it every now and then, usually when it gets stuck between loading a page or loading the forum and transitioning between 4g and Wifi.

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Many thanks for all your replies; I’ll try discourse - at least I know it’s nothing I’m doing wrong.

Stay safe & well & happy Christmas all :santa:

You need to type into the app and it will just work.

I get this fairly frequently but you can just tap the cross in the corner and it goes away for a few days or more. I haven’t found it necessary to go to the Discourse app, either on iPhone or iPad. I never either accept or decline anything.

Interestingly I am a member of another forum that lives on the same Discourse platform. And I have never seen this same irritating page or anything like it there. But I have seen it on Naim’s website a few times.

So we should all be clear, this irritating page is there by choice of Naim not by choice of Discourse. Presumably it does something or other for Naim, although how making me cancel out the interruption now and then tells them anything of interest, I can’t imagine. Maybe @Naim.Marketing knows the answer?!



Something is off with cookie management :wink: best of luck with whatever implementation there is :slight_smile:

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