Forum's high use of ram memory?


Now at 625…


Firefox is the answer… if you want chrome then frankly the only issue is the sensitivity of your warning software, which probably uses more memory then it would save.




Mine has climbed to 550mb overnight.


I’ll leave the page open to see it it continues to crisis levels as a test, it only seems to require a close and reopening of the page to ‘reset’ it to a normal level. Then I might try it on Firefox and see if that’s any different.


Mine showing 665mb currently. It looks as if the longer the forum session lasts, the higher the consumption of ram it requires. Close the session and reopen seems to return ram usage to ‘normal’ moderate levels.


Mine has crept up to 1.3GB, although no warnings from Safari yet. I was looking at the Roon forum this afternoon, which uses the same platform, and that seems to have a similar pattern of gradually increasing memory usage.
I’ve now closed the Naim forum page, and on reopening, it is back to 200MB, which seems to me like it should be plenty.