Forum's high use of ram memory?


I use a MacBookPro running Mojave and Safari with 8gb of ram. Over the past few days I’ve been getting a warning at the top of the screen when I’m on the forum homepage telling me it is using a lot of memory that could slow my machine down. I’m used to having several tabs open on Safari so am not doing anything new, except for the new forum. So I’ve been delving into ‘activity monitor’. Activity monitor shows the ram being consumed by open applications, including websites. Most are about around 250mb up to 500mb eg Amazon, BBC website. However, sure enough, the ram being consumed by the Naim forum is hovering around 1.5gb!!! The page hasn’t got lot of graphics running and is quite simple compared to many eg imgur. How can it be consuming so much resource? Has anyone else noticed this?


I only use a simple iPad, it works fine. Hope some other help is on hand.


The DisclosureHub app at 5.2MB is one of the smallest in my iPad’s app store. Not sure how to measure what it uses when running.
I have the forum running on Chrome on the Windows laptop, it looks like its using around 100MB when its doing something


Maybe it’s me and I’m doing something odd, Mike


Same goes here, works fine on an iPad.


I am running Google Chrome, MacOS Mojave on a Macbook Pro 2017, and I see nothing out of ordinary.
Looking at the Chrome’s Task Manager - BBC tab’s memory footprint is 115 MB, Naim Forum 108 MB


My MacBook (same Ram and OS) hardly notices the new forum, currently running as cool as. I’ll ask our developer if he has any ideas here…


On my MacBook Pro, I have seen this warning when visiting some sites with high graphics content, but haven’t had any such indication when here on the forum, which is as you would expect.

I’m running the same operating system as yourself, with, similarly 8Gb ram.

On the Activity Monitor, on the CPU tab, it says that I’m using 0.5 % CPU, which is less than the Monitor itself at 8%, whilst on the Memory tab, the forum is using only 180 Mb of available memory.

That’s assuming, of course, that I am reading these figures correctly.


Just stop that frantic use of the Like button and it’ll be fine:heart_eyes:


:heart_eyes: emojis on iOS not showing! It works on OSX.


So I’ve tried a re-start and the issue seems to have corrected itself as the activity monitor is now telling me the forum is using about 150mb ie about 10% of what it was previously. I shall keep an eye on this to see whether it creeps up again. Given the relative simplicity of the forum, which ought to be a light user of resource, I’m still puzzled as to how it crept up to being the biggest user of resources on my Mac and using 1.5gb.
Thanks to those who contributed to say what they were seeing.


It’s not just you! I’ve just noticed the same message at the top of the screen. Activity Monitor said it was using just over 1GB, and closing and reopening the page slowed it down to about 160MB. The computer still had spare memory, and everything seemed to run normally despite the warning.


I’m running a MacBook Pro with 16GB of memory and the Naim forum is using roughly 250MB of memory … and I haven’t rebooted this laptop in around 3 weeks …


That’s reassuring, Chris, in the sense that someone else has had the same warning.



According to our developer there’s nothing on the forum that could be of any concern, although there may be some process linked to a particular browser that’s got stuck or gone haywire that then clears with a reboot. He’ll keep an eye out though just in case.


Thanks for that, Richard.


Just had another look at mine, and it’s now using 466MB. Not as high as before, but it still seems a lot.


Mine has climbed to 470mb compared to 160mb after yesterday evening’s re-start. No obvious reason as to why.


536 and counting…seems like it’s climbing steadily for some reason.


It looks like it might be a problem only with Mac .
I’ve just re-checked my Windows-10 running the forum on Chrome, Chrome is running around 240 to 265MB with 7 items running, the Forum is pulling about 100MB & that includes changing screens & opening up forum pictures