Fragments - Bob Dylan Bootleg series Vo, 17

I remember listening to Tme out of Mind on headphones primarily in our home with 3 children under 3.3 years when keeping these 3 happy was the main aim of living!

I listened to it again for the first time in a long time 2 years ago as I like to listen to albums recorded by an artist at the same age I am currently to see how the these relate to me at my current stage in life. I didn’t really connect at all.

After listening to the remix version with Dylan’s voice out front and centre in the mix, it really is a revelation. I’m picking up nuance and more importantly humour in the lyrics that the previous mix somehow hid for me quite effectively.

There are good pieces in Uncut and Mojo about it (thanks godnesss for online library access!). I hadn’t quite realised quite how far Dylan’s star had fallen at the time (quotes like -soon we will be playing stadiums again due to this album) and how it really was quite a comeback. Also interesting reading about Dylan’s ideas of what he wanted it to sound like and how he picked his band mainly from pieces of theirs he had heard.

So far my listening is on Qobuz but I might buy the 2 Cd version just to have the remix album.

I see for the what are you listening to thread that many have bought and listenied to this, are there any revelations or insights accompanying the physical product?



I love it! I believe that it has been remixed taking out a lot of Lanois embelisments leaving it closer to how Dylan wanted it.
I didn’t listen to it at the time as it was far too mainstream for me.
One of my prize posessions is a 45rpm 180 gm pressing of Blonde on Blonde so Im curious to know how the Vinyl sounds.


I’m a Dylan fan and whilst I’ve always enjoyed the original album, the new mix for me is better. His voice is just so clearer and hearing the slight nuances is so revealing. Some of the out-takes are sublime 3 versions of Mississippi you’d think would be overkill, not with the massive differences they aren’t!
I gambled on the 10 LP version and hit lucky on good pressings and sound, only LP 3 has a slight warp that doesn’t effect play. After the Cutting Edge probably my favourite of The Bootleg Series.
Thoroughly recommended.

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The original was something I liked and admired but never loved. It was something I came back to occasionally but somehow found to be less than the sum of its parts.

Mrs. H. Is not a Dylan fan. Last night we listened to the first disc via Qobuz and I was doubly stunned. Firstly it’s indisputably better in audio terms. It’s also a better presentation of the music and does wonders for the vocals. Then after sitting there for an hour silently I am greeted by Mrs. H. and a “Well that was really enjoyable”.

Can’t say I’d rave over the rest but it’s worth it for the 1st album alone.

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Not bothering with the full Monty big box this time.

Not really my favourite Dylan album. Always sounded a bit dull to me. And rather mediocre songs.

But, I will plump for the 2-CD set (when it’s a more reasonable price on Amazon :grin:) and give the remix a chance.

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I have the 4 disk vinyl. Packaging is superb, both in terms of design and quality. All the sides play perfectly.
Like you, I think it’s a much better product than the original, interesting outtakes too

Blu-ray Limited edition Dolby Atmos and hires versions available in physical format from Super Deluxe Editions only the remixed album though not the bonus tracks. Pre ordering until 24 Feb.

I didn’t post a link as it’s a commercial site.

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Mississippi is one of my favourites, but didn’t make the cut for Time Out of Mind. It appeared on Love and Theft, another fine album which will hopefully be subject of a future release in this fascinating series.
I bought the 96/24 ‘Deluxe’ download but struggling to find enough time to go through it properly.

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