Fraim - Holes off or did I get the wrong legs?

I’m still going around with my Franken-Fraim that I received a few weeks ago. Originally I was sent a full Fraim level/shelf factory sealed from Naim that for some reason included a Fraim Lite shelf (square) instead of a Fraim shelf (triangle).

Yesterday I received the replacement wood shelf. However when assembling the legs, one of the legs looks totally off. I have assembled 4 other levels at this point so I know how to orient them. But no matter how I messed with it the alignment on this is terrible.

I have a feeling that Naim drilled the holes incorrectly on this shelf, because the legs fit properly with the Fraim Lite shelf that was in the box. But the alternative could be that they not only shipped me the wrong shelf to begin with, but the legs were intended for the Fraim Lite as well.

When I re-assemble the legs on the Fraim Lite shelf, they fit fine.

I’m dealing with Fraim North America, through my dealer which is 200 miles away from me. I’m wondering if I should just request that they send me a totally new unopened Fraim level unit rather than continuing to try to putz around with all these bits and pieces I keep getting sent.

Here’s the pics - any thoughts on whether the legs for the Fraim Lite are different from the full Fraim and maybe that’s what I got?

This experience is frustrating given the price of these highly engineered precision units. I am wondering what’s going on with Naim’s QC to have these sorts of issues.

Looks like the leg needs to turned 90 degrees around its longitudinal axis and/or flipped or moved to the other side of the shelf and turned until it fits.

It seems that the edge of the leg facing you should really be facing towards the front or the back of the shelf.

If that does not help, I would return the complete shelf unit and request a new one.


It could be that you have the profile of the upright the wrong way around?

Undo it and realign?

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Thanks guys I have tried it every which way as well as swapped it with the one on the other side (which fits perfectly). I hate to disassemble my entire Fraim to see if the holes line up with the other shelves and see if the legs match but maybe that’s what I’m going to have to do.

EDIT: It seems that the holes and cuts all line up perfectly with the Fraim Lite shelf, on which the legs DID align correctly so this must be user error on my part but I feel like I’ve shifted/swapped it around so much and it still isn’t working. Thanks for the pic @biddler66 that will help. Thanks!

I am just moving mine so thought I would take a pic for you, hope it helps


Thanks @biddler66 - your picture got me sorted out and I was able to properly align that leg so there is no issue. I don’t know how I got turned around or why it wasn’t working out before, no matter how I turned or swapped it. But it is all set now :slight_smile:


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