Fraim Musings

Hello all,

I am considering options for my Fraim layout when the CD555 arrives.

Right now I am thinking

Brain - The unit that sits on top of that shelf is listed.

Medium Shelf (CD555)
Tall Shelf (NAC 552)
Standard Shelf (NAP500 Head)
Base (Empty)


Medium Shelf (CD 555PS)
Medium Shelf (CD 555PS)
Medium Shelf (NAC 552PS)
Base (NAP 500PS)

Questions I am posing…

1.) Are any of the power supplies better off with more space around them than a Medium shelf will give?
2.) Do Power Supplies benefit from having more space? I.e. Medium shelves vs Standard?
3.) Would the power supplies benefit from having an empty shelf below them like I would have on the brain side or is this less important on the PS’s?
4.) Will the CD555 be ok with power supplies at the same level i.e. side by side but with a gap separating the 2 Fraims.
5.) Will the 552 head have enough space in the above configuration vs sitting it on its own standard shelf with an empty standard between the 552 and the CD555 (effectively 2 standards replacing the one Medium)?

There is no way I can fit a 3rd stack before someone suggests that! Having experimented with an empty shelf before I am happy they make a positive difference so would like to give all units (that need it) some more space.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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