Fraim or Powerline

In the upcoming weeks I will have to decide between Powerlines or a Fraim for my system. The Powerlines, as part of a Powerigel, are already here, as is a custom-made rack. Some of the boards in this rack are warped, which compromises its function. So I’ve decided to get something new to put my Hi-Fi in or on. Due to room layout the system sits quite close the the wall outlet feeding it. As the Powerlines have a fixed length, there’s a lot of cable to see. This is the one thing that my wife strongly dislikes in our living room. I can very much see her point, especially since she doesn’t mind the acoustic treatment :sunglasses:
Now I have to decide whether to get some more or less suited furniture, which would be able to hide the Powerlines or a Fraim and shorter mains cables. The furniture would come from the danish company Montana, simply to match the existing ones (not sure if a link is allowed, but you should be able to find it).
This should be the easier way, as I only have to decide on the right color and size. But both my wife and I like the Fraim visually, it’s more flexible to configure and grow and there are many more high quality mains cables on the market.
I can and most likely will get a home demo of the Fraim and should be able to demo at least two different mains solutions.
Before I do that: what do you think about this? How would you describe the relative strengths (and weaknesses?) of the Fraim and Powerline?

I have both full Fraim and PLs
Get Fraim first - no question

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I agree with David :sunglasses:

I agree with both of them: Fraim. But I can’t understand why you are considering Powerlines when you already have them in the Powerigel Plus…

Yes get the Fraim first
Can Naim customize PL length but may be expensive

Thanks for the feedback so far. Judging from some of the replies I might have asked a somewhat veiled question.
What I’m wondering is: if you had to choose a Fraim or Powerlines, what would be your choice and why?
And yes, I have Powerlines now, but I won’t have both in the foreseeable future. To me this is about having the right things, not building around what’s here now. Whatever I’ll do will cost money anyway and I would like to get it right (and as far as I know, Powerlines cannot be customized).

Yep, Fraim and get the full version if at all possible. Cables can be the ones that came in the box with the Naim kit and can be mostly secreted under the brawn (or only) stack, I have powerlines hiding under mine but as my system is between my speakers I’ve ended up with very visible NACA5.

I would chose fraim over power lines any day.
Possibly you could have a custom made pl cover below your fraim to hide your cables. Or I understand many prefer other brands like Chord who I believe make them in different lengths,

Fraim, no question.

Powerlines are OK but as Joppe says, some prefer other brands.

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