Fraim sizing

Calling all Fraimers, I’ve order a Fraim base and three standard levels.
According to the Naim accessory page where Fraim is shown, it states
Standard height is 105, medium is 180 and tall is 254.

The dealer I have placed the order with said standard height is 175 and now today I have been advised 190 is Naim nearest match.

I am utterly confused, so can anyone clarify what’s happening as the dealer doesn’t seem to have a clue and by all accounts neither does Naim.

I want to make sure I get the correct Fraim.

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That’s confused things further 115mm

Is standard level suitable for 272 and 250 equipment?


Level height and available height are often given, without specifying which is referred to. See The Fraim brochure:

There is also a drawing with standard and tall heights (not medium for some reason) in the FAQs:

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