Fraim & Snaxo

So having assembled 2 racks of newly acquired Fraim
Brains from the bottom up
3 x 500

My question is; the middle post at the back isn’t exactly helpful when I’ve got 7 cables coming straight at it
Just wondering how others have overcome this


I’ve my snaxo offset on the shelf to one side. Only way I could get cables adequately dressed. Just for cosmetic balance the Superline on the shelf below is offset to the opposite side.


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Hi Lyndon, You’re right, that rear Fraim strut’s a damn nuisance. I’ve had this problem not only with a SNAXO but also with my Melco and Linn Radikal. I’ve overcome this by removing the pesky thing and substituting a spacer bolt, with suitable washers to hold the shelf at the correct distance. Quite easy as long as you take a careful measurement, and there really isn’t any sound penalty.

Not at home, but I’ll sort out a photo for you when I get back.

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Hi Tony

Yes that’s a good idea, I’ll look into that, it’s only the bolt holding the thing up
It’s your old Snaxo I’m doing this for by the way


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I did wonder. I guess it’s still doing the business then!

Here’s the photo, hope it helps. I think you get the general idea.

Another alternative that is used by NAC52 owners with Fraim is to turn the rear leg by 90 degrees which gives more clearance. Better than drilling a big hole through the leg which is another solution used by others.

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The problem with turning the leg through 90 deg is that the top & bottom of the leg aren’t parallel, so it all goes a bit skew-whiff, and it still gives you a fairly thick obstacle compared with a thin bolt…

I have the Snaxo on top :wink:

placing the snaxo on the left shelf side and maybe toe its back a little outwards it should fit even with the big rear spacer in place. Personally I wouldnt want to have the aluminum spacer turned 90 deg, drilled or replaced by some washers.

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I did something very similar to try and get my rossini and clock in, i removed the rear leg and just used the bolt, with a spacer on the top, as it need packing, but after 2 days my OCD took over and so re fitted the leg and started looking at other ways lol.
Like yourself i just couldn’t come to doing it like that as it seemed to be defeating the object off having the fraim in the first place

OMG Tony :scream: I couldn’t find sleep here :flushed:

:smile: I do find that reaction rather strange! After all, you can’t actually see the bolt, it’s at the back with, in my case, no usual side view visible. It doesn’t affect the sound (the main purpose of Fraim, after all), and it enables components to sit in a correct place on the glass, which not only looks much neater from the front (the main way you see them), but also sounds better, particularly in the case of a SNAXO, which is very sensitive to placement. But then, I’m a pragmatic sort of chap.


On my Linn Radikal, I had my Dealer change the plugs to be right angled

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