Fraimed. Looking for tips to reorganize my kit

My first topic over here at Naim forums. Looking for tips how to set up my kit now that I’ve got a load of full fat Fraim to fit in. Was lucky to come across with 2nd hand Fraim in black ash with natural anodized feet. I’m already using three stacks, but all of them are from different manufacturers so today’s score is going to replace at least one, preferably two, of them so that there would be only Fraim and FraimLite around anymore.

The new set brought home today includes the base, three medium and two tall shelves. Good ole FraimLite has the base and four standard shelves. The feet are different colour black on FL and natural on Fraim. I can swap them between the shelves, no probs. Will sort them out later on so that all are same colour.

So this is how my set currently looks like: Söund Örganizatiön/FraimLite/Quadraspire Q4 EVO

             _NAC252____   _NAP200_____	
             _HEADLINE__   _HICAPDR___
             _CDX2______   _XPS2_______
_EMPTY____   _RADIKAL____  _MAJIKDS____

The lady of the house would like to have LP12 higher than where it sits now. I don’t mind it either so it’s going on the top of brain stack until one day we’ll have solid walls for Tiger Paw turntable wallmount. I’ve tried it on the top of brawn stack but it didn’t take many minutes to realize that it’s no right place for turntable.

Wouldn’t mind moving Majik DS on the brain stack but what would be the best place for it? Vinyl and CD are the main sources but we do stream a bit as well, maybe around 25% of the listening time so I’d say it’s still essential to have on decent spot.

How about Radikal – where should I place it for best performance? It’s in Akurate case and powered with Power-Line. I’ve red about those 90 degree plugs to connect Radikal to LP12 but don’t have one yet. Will be taken care of at later point of time.

And what to do with Headline and Stageline? Which height feet for which level? Where to use the Fraim levels for best performance? Lot of questions… and hopefully a lot of helpful answers too. Looking to start cleaning up and rebuilding the stacks tomorrow.

Edit: Headline is powered with HiCap DR while Stageline sucks power from Supercap via NAC252.

OK, I figured to start planning this thing already. Feel free to share your thoughts. I’d like to have everything up and running as close to perfect as possible tomorrow.
So, I think I’ve got the basics right on the brawn stack (?), however maybe NAP200 should move one shelve down. Guess that goes for all boxes below power amp as well.
My thoughts about Majik DS and Radikal - they would go on the bottom of brain stack and to the top of brawns? I’ve red that Radikal would be ok on the left hand rack, but could moving it on right hand side improve sources or will it pass vibrations to the turntable from there?
The space above the racks is limited due to some instruments hanging on the wall there, so there is no space for a very tall rack.

NAC252 likes to have air around it so maybe it should stand on tall level like LP12 above it. CDX2 and Majik DS below but wether to have them on standard or medium levels…

Headline would be cool to have close to sofa to have some slack on the headphone cable.

Oh, by the way, just in case it helps the racks are positioned on the left hand side viewed from the sofa.

Wasn’t there somekind of a building instructions including some nice tips for building up Fraim??

I’ve just dug out my old Fraim building document and have posted it on the new forum in the FAQ.

NAC252 definitely works best without anything digital above or directly below it.

Don’t have the Turntable too high - I would be tempted to keep it on the SO table until the wall shelf is ready.

Thanks, Richard. This is kind of information is something very much appreciated.

Actually, if the LP12 was being put onto it’s own stand, I’d have two medium height spare levels.

Current situation with the kit:

LP12__________MAJIK DS
CDX2__________HICAP DR


NAC252 and NAP200 are on tall levels and above them medium Fraim levels with LP12 and Majik DS.
Must say the stacks look rather massive like this. And the turntable definitely would like to stay lower. It’s a bit wobbly on the top due to suspended floor.

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