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Does anyone know if the FraimLite shelves can be purchased as individual units? Based on the measurements on the website it seems I can fit a base shelf and two additional 150mm shelves in an open cabinet space I have in my room. I’ve heard a standard setup is 4 shelves which would not work in my space.

If not, can anyone recommend a fully modular solution?

All Fraim and Fraim Lite shelves can be bought individually, so you just order a base and however many shelves you want, of whatever heights you need. No need for a full set.

The same applies to Isoblue and as far as I’m aware, most other racks.

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The FraimLite base and shelves can be purchased separately, at least they could be when I purchased mine.

The only packs were base+shelf and a twin shelf pack, offering a moderate discount over purchasing them separately.


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True. You can buy Isoblue, shelf by shelf.

Same with SimRack and Qudrispire, you can buy individual shelves.


In fact, are there any racks you can’t buy separately?

Speaking of Fraimlite. I’m considering a rack for my devices and have also been looking at other serious brands. My budget is not for Fraim.

I have 5 boxes plus a turntable.
So I probably need 6 shelves in Fraimlite quality. The only difference between Fraim and Lite is the glass panels on Fraim. So I assume that my boxes will be placed directly on the wood in the Lite version?
My system is 555PSDR, NACN272, CDX2, XPSDR and NAP250DR. Turntable Pro-Ject 6.9 with a Rega Aria

Would a Lite edition be suitable for my system?



The full Fraim had different shelves, as well as a double layer base, so it’s not just the glass and balls. I wouldn’t go that high and have a TT on top; two lower stacks side by side would be much better. I’d also look at Isoblue, which will get you very close to full Fraim SQ at a Lite price.

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Thanks HH
I live in Denmark. Can you be more specific about which Isoblue you’re thinking of? I need to be able to buy it here in DK :blush:

If you google Isoblue hifi you will find them. They don’t seem to have a dealer list on the website so you may have to email them. Forum rules prevent me posting a link here.

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Thanks HH :+1:

In terms of performance they are all the same. There’s a more expensive range called Special Branch which uses higher quality veneers and looks nicer, but the shelves are otherwise the same.

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You could also consider Simon Price, SimRack racks.



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