Freddie Mercury - A world of his own

I visited the Sotheby’s sale exhibition in London today of much of the estate of ‘One Freddie Mercury’ - just absolutely sensational. Note the moustache above the door. Also appears in the crest on some of his furniture.

I don’t know where you live @IanRobertM , but if you, and others, can get to New Bond Street to see it, you will not regret it.

You can look at the Sotheby’s site for details but in summary Mary Austin (Freddie’s one time fiance) is selling much of Freddie’s art collection and much of his music memorabilia. The exhibition is free and once the auction starts on 5th September, the items will never appear in public again. I can’t do it justice but here are a few tasters.

Freddie’s original crest artwork

Lyrics to Killer Queen

Freddie’s ‘composing’ piano - don’t ask what the guide price is!

The Brit Award that Freddie received on his last public appearance with the band. I like to think the shadow on the plinth is an accident.

The exhibition is 11 - 4.30 midweek. We started queing at 11.15 and got in just after 12. When we came out at 2.30 there wasn’t a queue so I would suggest after 1pm would be best.
If you can, treat yourself. You won’t regret it.


I was planning on popping in on Monday…

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Thank you. My son is visiting London later this week. I will point him towards this…!!!

Msg sent…!!!

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For how long is it on display? Until Sept 5?

Yes, 5th September is the last day at 1pm. Weekends are 12-5 and there is a 7pm finish on 1st September. Treat yourself to a train ride to Waterloo, it really is worth it.

Well there is cat-sitting duty (at daughter2’s) to be done in London town later this month, so……… :smile_cat:

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Its now on YouTube… No excuses not to visit, my dears…


Some lovely items……the music sheets etc rather lovely.

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