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Having a bit of a tidy up today and decided to move my Core and Qutest onto the spare shelf on my brains stack to see if would improve or upset things. Also moved the Sky Q box into the TV unit and out of sight as a bonus.

I have to say the improvement is quite pronounced. The main difference is that they are both now plugged into the dedicated mains and the din to phono between the Qutest and 252 is no longer two meters long. Not sure which of those is making the bigger difference, probably a mix, but it’s a very nice uplift. Veil lifted etc etc. Might look to get a better quality din/phono now as I didn’t fully appreciate what the Core/Qutest was really capable of.


That’s great news
A big uplift is always good… well done

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Good to know. Setup is important as improvement will be possible at areas where you least expected it to happen. In your case, it appears that the way the components are connected has affected the sound. Not a surprise there :wink:

Yes. The Qutest was originally purchased to do the TV sound duties which was why I had it on the TV unit. The Core was a more recent addition driven mainly by the fact that the CDs were never being played and were taking up too much shelf space. Very happy with the new lease of life the Core/Qutest combo has given to the CD library. So much so that I’m finally considering streaming options.

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