Freesat EPG Problem

Is anyone having problems with the Freesat EPG showing the incorrect time and therefore causing preset recordings to fail; eg showing 15.22 when it’s actually 16.22?

But not on every channel…… weird. And then it’ll correct itself but fail again when a recording is due to start…. Weirder again.

Thanks for any thoughts,


I had a similar problem with the Freesat EPG on the Ipad but it was fine on the TV around the time the clocks changed. Both Ipad and Freesat have been powered down and up since then so it could be that helped reset everything, if you have done this already, worth giving it a go.
Can’t remember if the Android version of the app on my phone was effected, but I don’t use it much so probably wouldn’t have noticed.

Power down reboot - good point.

Thx, J

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