French internet radio

Actually on Sonos but I’m guessing that it’s for a similar reason (?) French radio Cherie FM no longer plays. This happened before when it stopped working via tunedin so I set it up with radionet. Now that doesn’t work…
Any help appreciated

I’ve tried a few of the many Cherie stations on my Nova and none of them work. Maybe @stevesky could take a little look.

Im in Seattle WA USA
I tried to connect using SONOS Radio and it connected. Im listening as I reply. You might see if you can connect thru your PC.
This station likes Madonna. Im gonna add to my list.
Good luck

sadly no sound using web version maybe a UK thing?

No sound here either (UK) using the web player but it works fine if I connect Nord VPN to a French server so it looks like it is geo-blocked for the UK. Of course a VPN isn’t going to be of any use on a Sonos system. It does seem a bit strange that it is working fine in the USA but not the UK though.

similar thing happened with using tunedin
moving to radionet solved that - maybe a year ago so not sure
so much for world radio being easily accessible!
I’m sure theres a workaround again but it’s annoying and the bbc are changing access to their programming…

Hi all,

The NRJ group (who owns Cherie, NRJ, Nostalgie etc) server side geoblocked all their streams last month. It primarily affects anything hosted from their data centre in France, as many of their brands are also in Belgium, Germany and so on,



thanks for that! it happened before with tuein but is there a work around?

Hi @sjw

It seems the geo blocking rules seem quite focused with UK intentionally blocked.

Typically this is due to music licensing regulations where the broadcaster does not pay for full international streaming rights, and their primary market doesn’t automatically cover them.

As they are doing this intentionally, proposing methods to get round this is probably not for this forum :innocent:



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