From SL2s to.... what?

Looking at another current thread, on Naim speakers, prompts me to ask this question. I have a full 500 active system, with all the trimmings (Superlumina, etc) into SL2s, which I am very happy with. (listen mostly to classical).
However, if others out there have similar kit and have found something even better than the active SL2, I’d be intrigued to know…

This might be worth a read

I think the obvious candidates are Naim Ovator, a few on the forum use them active. The current favourite is probably the Kudos Titan range being popular. But as ever its room size, interaction and personal preference.

Hi Mike, hope you are well. I would stick with the SL2s, as I think anything else will be too big for your loft space. ( this of course assuming, that you haven’t moved your kit into another bigger listening space). :+1:t3: ATB Peter

This is what will have me sticking with my SBLs.

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Unfortunately my SL2’s Twitter burned in my left side, latter on about two month further the right side burned too,i’m completely frustrating,Saturday punishment …my dealer will ask Naim how to solve the problem or lookng for the reason,maybe needs SL2 cross-recap or cable problem … meanwhile I got from my dealer Linn Sarah and I’m completely not disappointed… still are good speakers…is anybody here had in the past a problem alike mine?..can be useful direction

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