Funk Firm achromat with ceramic platter

I have a new Rega P10 tt with Rega Kleos . The arm / cart was originally settled up by my dealer, adding a 3mn spacer.
As I preferred the 3mn leather mat on my ex Rp10/ Delos, I asked my dealer to set up the arm / cart with the leather mat.
However, with my new combo, I prefer the Rega mat (1,5 mn).

The Rega mat sounds just more lively and dynamic.
So the best solution for me would be to use a 3mn mat which retains the liveliness of the Rega mat.

Anyone tried the Achromat with a Rega Rp10 or P10 ? I am not interested by others turntables experiences, because it’s the interaction between the ceramic platter and the Funk Firm achromat that matters to me.

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Just received the Funk Firm achromat 3mn . Compared during 2 hours yesterday and same today, vs the stock Rega mat on the P10.
The stock one sounds more natural globally. Better balanced.
The achromat is returning back. Adios.


rooster- just remove the spacer,problem solved

There’s no problem. I just wanted to try the achromat, because the Rega mat is electro static.
The sound is awesome now, after 40 hours burn in.

I am really amazed by the P10/ Kleos combo. I had the SME 20/2 SMEV/ Lyra Delos 3 years ago. I am quite sure it didn’t sounded as good.

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