Funk Firm Houdini

For all you analogue lovers a new product from Funk Firm designed by Arthur Khoubesserian.

Sounds similar in design to that wedge of foam with bolts in it that The Cartridge Man sells for £80 odd quid?

It does seem steep @ £300 doesn’t it ? But it’s getting plenty of rave reviews, there are lot’s of things I’d buy for that amount for my system first but if one is floating around used in a year or so I may try it.
The designer certainly has a great pedigree in all thing analogue.

I like it! They make fun gear.

I have a couple I’m A:B testing with different arms and decks. In my opinion, it’s a fantastic investment. Happy to elaborate further if any one’s interested.

Please do.

I assume you don’t happen to have one of these as well ?

Hi n-lot.

You assume correctly. I’m still a bit of a novice with turntables mind. I do have a bit of engineering experience though and I can tell that the extent of decoupling, whilst remaining parallel to the headshell, would not be likely using a squidgy substance, however it were attached.

I know that Funk are offering money-back so my view is to try and check it out for yourself :slight_smile:

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Had mine in place for 3 days now and I’m really enjoying what’s its bringing to the music. I’m not very good at being descriptive but it has brought more of everything. I’m especially pleased with improvements in vocals, I wasn’t missing anything in vocals before but the improvements are there.
I read that’s a few people reported that it brought extra bass but I haven’t really found that.


Hi All,

Interesting review here from Alan Sircom:

(If the link works?)

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