Fuse NAP300PS

I’ve just blown a fuse in my NAP300PS.

I cannot get hold of my Naim dealer.
Is this a suitable replacement from “the forest”?

Naim Antisurge Glass Fuse T3.15A 250V

Here you go…

Littelfuse brand fuses are widely available from somewhere like Farnell or RS


Isn’t there usually a spare fuse in a small black plastic rectangular compartment near the mains socket on the back of most Naim units?

Yup. I’ve used the spare and it’s working fine. Now I need to replace the spare.

One of the ‘main’ dealers may be able to post you some…e.g. TomTom, Cymbiosis, etc… :crossed_fingers:

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I’d wonder why it blew? Did it blow while playing music , or did it blow on turn on ? Big electrical surge?

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The fuses are slow blow which I think means take a larger load on power up to cater for the caps charging (someone qualified will describe it better :blush:). This means they get stressed by each power up and will eventually blow. It’s not a big deal but frustrating if you don’t have spares. Trick is to order half a dozen and avoid powering down the PSU. The new classics have a soft start module which resolves this.

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Believe Tom Tom may have then, in their online shop… :thinking:


Hi everyone, the fuse has blown on my nap 250dr. Have pulled the fuse holder out and some of the blown fuse fell out. Can you remove the fuse holder completely to take out the remaining bits of blown fuse?
Many thanks :+1:

You can pull it out enough that you can get at the spare fuse behind the one in use that has blown. That should allow you to get the broken bits out ok.

Many thanks for your reply, I hope I am not to ham fisted and create more problems :blush::+1:

Sorted, will have to ask my dealer to get me some spares :+1:

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