Futureshop Scam Email

Wasn’t sure where to post this but hopefully this is the place where most people are likely to see it.

I today received an email supposedly from Futuershop saying that I was eligible for a VAT refund of £127 as I had been inadvertantly over-charged on previoius purchases. It asked me to click on a link to initiate the refund process.

The email looked absolutely genuine on the surface but I strongly suspected it was a scam. I contacted Futureshop and they confirmed that it was a scam - known to them and that it was absolutely nothing to do with them. Apparently it is not a targeted thing - they have had many people contact them who were not even customers.

So be aware. If you receive such an email do not click on any links. Just delete it.


And forward it to the online fraud site :+1:



I tend to forward anything like that which the ISP has not already alerted me to, to report@phishing.gov.uk and

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… …… …… …… ?


Oops typo, but in addition I would copy to my ISP provider and email supplier if different.

Also many companies and banks have their own email addresses, e.g.

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