Fyne Audio F502 with uniti nova

I have an old CB 32.5, hicap, 250 into sbl’s.The amps have just been serviced so intend to keep this as is with a Linn LP12. The system, in my view, has always lacked a bit of bass and i think that’s down to the sbl’s

I am thinking of a separate stand alone streamer and am considering a naim uniti nova paired with fyne audio f 502. Any thoughts on this combination please? Listening to this at a local dealer is all the more difficult with covid restrictions.

I’ve just taken delivery of a pair of F502SPs, running off a Nait XS 2 and ND5 XS. They sound fantastic and haven’t even had the chance to wear in yet. (unboxed yesterday)

I got to try them out at home compared to the F502 and F501 models. The SPs are twice the price of the F502 but they were damn good too. Both options deliver the ‘visceral bass’ described in the blurb.

I also listened to Sonos Faber Sonetto iii and v, Monitor Gold 500 and some price equivalent ELACs I can’t recall the model of (admittedly none of these options at home).

Cheers, Ian


The SP’s look stunning. My F502’s are settling in well and really please with them

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