Gaia III with Proac

Anyone here uses the Gaia’s with Proac speakers?
I find them to suck the life out of my speakers and removed them after a few months.
Should the top locknut be against the bottom one or should there be space between them? On some photos on their website they are against each other and on others they have space between them. Searched everything but can’t find an answer anywhere.

I had Gaias under my ProAc K6s for a few days. Like you I found they sucked all the life out of my music. The installation video on their site shows the top nut being screwed tight up against the speaker base, with the lower lock nut, as you’d expect screwed up against it to lock everything. I honestly don’t believe it would affect the sound either way. Although a lot more expensive, I ended up with Stillpoints Ultra SS. Magical!

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Hi, maybe I would be able to help while introducing myself to the forum (this is my 1st post).

I have mounted gaia III on my ProAc’s D30rs. As per manual, I have left some space between the locknuts, in order to fit them so the logo is in front of the listening position. In my case this distance is ~1mm. I have followed the online tutorials provided by the manufacturer as well. Take a look:

And, btw, they helped in my case in tightening the bass, made the scene wider and improved „ungluing” the sound from the speakers (hope this is clear, as English is not my mother tongue).



Hey, Shinobi, great pics and a warm welcome. Those Gaia mounts for isolation keep ticking away at the back of my mind…its on the list😁
Can you post at your leisure what your system is…
looks very nice.

Sure thing, Gazza. Nothing special, as this is Nova (which I am very happy with) powered by power cords made by small hifi workshop in Poland and the signal flows through Chord Shawline Lan cable and Chord Epix X speaker cables. I am looking for a 2nd hand Cd5XS, as I am still listening to CDs and the next step will be most probably Sonndek LP12 or Rega P6. I will post some more pictures in January once the new furniture will be made :slight_smile:



No, sounds a great set up👍

I used them with Proac Response 2.5. Big improvement in terms of tightening up the bass.

Can you post a pic ? You have made a nice purchase :+1:

The nuts can have distance and may need it to level against the floor.

You just have to screw the bottom nut hand-tight against the foot, screw the screw into the speaker for 6 turns minimum, level the feet (with logo on foot facing forward or backward), and tighten the top nuts against the speaker.

You have room to play with how far you screw into the speaker (minimum 6 turns) and hence the distance between the nuts. What’s important is that the weight is distributed evenly over the four feet. When you wiggle the speaker, it must move evenly over all four feet, not push into just one or two.

Give it time to settle after leveling. If the floor is hard and it is leveled correctly, all four feet will suck to the floor and each one will come loose with an audible pop when you tilt the speaker sufficiently.

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I had GAIA 3 under my Spendor 200s. They rendered the sound dull and rather lifeless. Sold at a considerable loss and replaced with inexpensive locking castors - got the life back into the music and have the additional benefit of being able to easily move the speakers when required.
Floor is parquet on concrete.


I’m on thick carpet so most of these isolation devises won’t really work.


Using Gaias under my ProAc D30 RS floorstsnders. On an wooden suspended floor that have tightened up bass considerably but also improved imaging and dynamics. A great upgrade in my room with my system, thoroughly recommended.


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So do I but I have Gaia iii with their carpet adapters. Work very well on my speakers

I had Gaia III under my D28 for a few short weeks this summer and can only echo the very first posts of this thread.
I tried to have them working under more compression by removing one of four and placing the third one, without its screw, half way between the rear spike holes of the speakers. It helped getting some of the PRaT back while loosing a bit of the bass tightness.
I eventually went back to spikes on Chips and marble. I am now contemplating the purchase of the Townshend Podium.

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I think the wise thing is to try before you buy, my dealer accommodated this. I now have them on my Spendor A4’s and PMC Twenty5 23’s, both on solid oak floors. Maybe floor construction is a factor as opinions do differ regarding their success.

Did you ever try the original Proac spikes as well?

I wanted to. ProAc responded that they had moved to the current spikes relatively early and were not carrying the conical spikes anymore.
Skip advised me to try the Herbie’s Audio Lab Giant Fat Glider. They did improve a bit the situation but did not mitigate bass resonances to an acceptable level in my living room.

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You should try Finite elemente cerabases. Designed as the Stillpoints, but cheaper. Make miracles.

I am now thinking of trying the Ultra SS before the Podium.

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I believe the U.K. Stillpoints team is excellent in respect of demo loans. I was provided with Ultra SS and Ultra 5s by my dealer, and had both sets for a couple of weeks. Mind you, 24 hours would have been enough! Surprisingly, the 5s were good, but the Ultra SS outperformed them quite convincingly. I see there is now an Ultra 2 which sit between the two price wise. They might be worth a try? I’m confident you won’t be disappointed, and look forward to reading a report of your trials.