Game time

Well i wounder what could be hear tomorrow to sit on this spare shelf?
One clue it is something to do with audio, and not a plant or lego, etc.

Just for fun as it’s a very wet day outside today so far.

Cheers dunc


Reel to reel tape recorder by chance?


That didn’t last long did it.
Yes i have found a lovely condition revox b77 mk2, at a very reasonable price.
So even though i don’t need it or even going to use it much. I thought why not, plus it will go well with my old sony elcaset.
It’s a 4 track machine, and so it’s no good for the expensive tapes you can buy. But then i am not into that music anyway, so having a 2 track that can run at 15 ips doesn’t really matter.
But i will just use it as i do the elcaset, so it’s more eye candy than anything more.
But it will be interesting to see how well it records at 7.5 ips, plus i can turn the tape round like a cassette and have double the recording time.

But well done dan, you obviously know me to well, or a very good guess



I would love to get into R2R but it just scares me!

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Very nice @Dunc.

With tape deck below, I thought this is retro section for Mr Dunc. And you being you, thought that with the man with everything and all, that you would get one.

Plus it will look perfect there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They can be a mine field due to age, but as long as the heads are ok then in most cases you should be fine.
But the revox machines are built extremely well, plus part’s are easier to get. So it’s a good place to start really compared to other machines.
Also revox themselves still make the b77 if you want one. But more importantly the heads are available new.

Going to just be a bit off fun, but i hope it sounds nice.


You say it will not take the pre recorded tapes though?

Not the ones you get from place’s like chasing the dragon, etc.
These are 2 track to start off with, plus they tend to be recorded in 15 ips, and use a different eq.
But there’s more normal tapes that you can buy if you want, as the chasing the dragon, etc are around £450’each.
But it’s only certain classical, and jazz music, and that’s not for me anyway.

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Ah Ok, thanks. Not into either of those genres!

If you want to play these sort off tapes then you need a revox 2 track machine, that also has the 15 ips speed, plus the IEC eq.
The eq is easy to sort, as the revox has boards that just slot in, and different ones for different sections.
The speed is more difficult as it involves more bit’s to change, and the heads are expensive but need aliment.
So if you want to play these then you would be better off buying the correct model in the first place.
But a 2 track only has one side, and at 15 ips, you only get about 45 minutes. So with a new tape, that you can still but, that tends to work out expensive. Compared to a 4 track where you can turn it round like a cassette l. But the 2 track does offer better quality due to more record width, and better separation between channels.