Gaming setups

Anyone use their main system for gaming?

We just bought a PS5.

Now that we use mConnect to get Tidal Max into NDX2/SuperUniti, we have repurposed our SMSL PO100 Pro to connect PS5 to nDAC (toslink). This worked seamlessly, was simply plug n play.

Sounds pretty decent!

We will likely move connection onto NDX2 to make it easier to switch inputs (had to dig 252 remote out of a drawer to change nDAC input)

My system is combined with AV setup and playing Xbox is fantastic :smiley:

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I have a main stereo and a main AV system in the same room. They share no components in common. I put gaming through the 7.2.4 ATMOS system. It sounds incredible

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Daughter #2 & I both have PS5. We both use our TVs as the display and their attached sound systems; mine is a Meridian digital 5.1, and hers is a Meridian 2 .0.

However we both have fairly powerful PCs for the serious games.


We’re not serious gamers.

Gran Turismo 7 with some Grand Theft Auto V thrown in is it for me. Guys in the pub tonight recommended SpiderMan.

SWMBO wants the MegaDrive collection so she can play the old Sonic games :laughing:

Bit of a waste of a PS5 really.

But it does sound good.

Mine too! : PS5 and XBox 360 into Arcam AVR into Naim 552/300DR. Excellent sound quality. Currently playing the Tomb Raider 1-3 remasters on the PS5.

Sure do. My PC, that I use for gaming, Roon & watching streaming content, is hooked into my Innuos PhoenixUSB reclocker, which feeds into my Aqua La Scala DAC and from there into my preamp. It sounds surreal at times to hear such great sound from games, or even a streamer on Youtube playing the game instead!

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My main system also has the main TV on it - optical out to the Akurate DSM. My gaming PC is hooked up to the TV, so yes, it gets used for gaming in the rare instances I play.

My PC goes into a UQ2 with Qacoustics 3010s for when I do classic PC games . I stopped buying PC games after Fallout3 because consoles got so good. A high end gaming PC costs crazy money and burns through watts like no tomorrow.

My retro gaming station (SNES, GameCube with GBA player, Wii) go into a Bose soundbar.

My contemporary (ish) gaming (WiiU, Switch) goes into a pretty extreme Denon AV amp 7.2.4 system. Spent a couple hours on Sunday playing Mario Kart 8. Some older games like “Zelda Breath of the Wild”, “Bioshock Infinate”, or “Batman Arkam City” are just incredible in surround sound.

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My gaming setup consist of an M2 iPad Pro with an Xbox Elite controller mostly playing Call of Duty.

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