Gapless Audio

I am someone who enjoys classical music, but know nothing about the technical side of streaming. The Muso 2 appeals. Internet searching suggests two classical streaming sites - Idagio and Primephonic. Gapless music will be essential for opera and the like. If I read things correctly, Idagio does not offer gapless music (currently), but Primephonic does. However, the Primephonic site says there is a gap when using Chromecast - I am getting lost here already!
As someone with no existing audio equipment, and only an Android smartphone, will I be forced to use Chromecast to stream from Primephonic, or Idagio for that matter? Or is there another way to play what I want from a streaming service and listen gaplessly?

Hi, there are quite a few examples of very poorly implemented Chromecast integration from various apps. I haven’t tried Idagio or Primephonic, but others I’ve used, including Qobuz, Soundcloud, BBC iPlayer and others weren’t great. Apart from lack of gapless support, volume control was sometimes poor or even unusable.
Its been a year or two since I tried this, so perhaps things have improved since then, but I would certainly want to trial before committing to a purchase.

@dsr I also listen to a lot of classical and have wondered about both Primephonic and Idagio but, like you, have been put off by the practicality of using them. If they get native support in one of the streamers I use, I’ll look again. For now, I subscribe to Qobuz, which has a fairly comprehensive selection of classical music, often in high resolution and no issues with gapless. I am currently listening to the Ora Singers’ wonderful performance of Thomas Tallis’ fabulous Spem in Alium and it’s real shivers down the spine stuff.


Looking at this sideways, I see Idagio supports gapless using Airplay.
You could defect to the dark side and buy an ipad…

Big thanks to all you guys.
Yes, research and trialling clearly needed on my part, including Qobuz; thankfully, all offer a free, trial period.
As for the dark side… I am reluctant to bite into the Apple - and Idagio have said they will be bringing gapless music to Android devices. But then, you never know, I have kind of always fancied an iPad.

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