Gapless Playback from Melco

I’m using a Melco N100 with the Melco App on my iPad for control. I’m using Minimserver.

The app gives the option of enabling gapless playback either by app or by renderer or both. Can someone please explain what this means? I’ve tried enabling the ‘by app’ option and it doesn’t appear to work. It does work with the ‘by renderer’ option enabled. I read a warning somewhere that some renderers or DACs can behave erratically (whatever this means exactly) with this option enabled.

Can someone please explain what all this means? is there any sound quality penalty with some equipment by enabling gapless? Obviously for live albums you will want gapless, but do people normally leave it enabled for everything? It seems preferable to the long pauses between tracks.

I think, it is some albums such as, Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells, Black Uhuru - Anthem, that I have played recently, were originally recorded as continuous pieces. When transferred to CD, track markers/indexes were inserted.
If played without gapless playback sound is interrupted.
I have an N1a and use Bubble Upnp with gapless, all sounds the same as the vinyl.
I could never get this to happen with Linn Kazoo.
I’ve not tried anything else.

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For me, player that doesn’t do gapless play would be fit only for the bin. However I think the OP’s question wasn’t asking what it is, but what the different options on the Melco are/do and tgeir significance. (I can’t answer as I have no experience of setting up or using Melco.)

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