Garage conversion

How many people still use their garage to park their car?. I do and always have done. Much prefer that to leaving it in the street. As cars get progressively fatter getting it in (Audi A3) has got harder and harder. I also want/need storage racks for tools etc. So frankly nearly a double garage needed which is a luxury in these days of extensions. In fact a neighbour had a nice garage which was demolished and they managed to squeeze a detached house in the space. That’s progress!

Our house was built circa 1928/9, and had/has an integral garage…surprisingly a mid-size modern car fits in…Mrs Puds motor lives there.

Around 15-20yrs back a second garage was added adjacent to the original, approx 1 1/2 modern car widths (and pretty long)…so get a car in there, lots of tools, and 4 cycles…

They would make a very decent ‘granny flat’…not in my time though…

I converted half of mine… best thing I ever did!!


Looks amazing space just for music. Looks to be the similar flooring to what I used.

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Thanks mate…

I bought a new build and to be honest the garage was ridiculously big… did have a gym in there but that lasted about 4 month’s lol… So the man cave / music room just made sense…
Great flooring, love the grey oak engineered.

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Nicey done, what a space and a fun man project to boot.

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But think of all the motorcycles you could fit in there! :wink:

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This certainly exceeds the minimum length of 3.5 m white Nac a5.


Fantastic, have you any photos of your bike collection?


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