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I’m thinking of having a new garage door fitted - may Hormann as they look pretty good. I’ve only room for a section style door and it’s suggested I go for the 40mm insulated version. It’s a single garage but quite long with a work area at the end. As I do quite a bit of work in the garage the draught proofing of the Hormann would be nice, not sure if I would notice the insulation much and no intention of heating the garage. BUT - should I worry about storing a wet car in a pretty well sealed garage? Condensation etc.

I never put a wet car in the garage but I think you should be fine as long as you make sure you use a dehumidifier to get rid of any moisture.

What? You put a CAR in a garage? :rofl:

Seriously, though, I think it would be unwise to put a wet car in a closed garage, unless very well ventilated.

I had a new garage door fitted just over a year ago and looked at all the usual suspects, including Hormann. In the end went with Alutech for an insulated, sectional door. Brilliant service through a local dealer, great product and a really good price for what was an unusually large door.
Apart from the price, I like that they are UK manufacturers and this helped minimise the delays during Covid / import changes and the extra cost for a specific RAL colour was minimal.
In terms of condensation, I haven’t noticed a problem although one of our cats has taken to ‘drying’ the car for me!

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In short, no.

We are having a Hormann sectional garage door fitted in 2 weeks time.
It one of the best manufacturers in Europe. 42mm thick doors are their standard, so fine.

Hope this helps, BF

We had a Hormann door fitted a few months ago. It’s noticeable how much warmer the house is - and being able to open it using the phone is a bonus :grinning:

I don’t know of any garage that is well insulated or poorly ventilated unless it has been converted with heating as something other than a garage.

There are many garage door manufacturers on the market, read the reviews and it will probably come down to the reliability of the electronics.

Also just had an Alutech sectional double garage door fitted in February.
They are owned by Hormann and as far as I can tell they are identical.
They are NOT UK manufactured, or at least my model isn’t.
However very pleased with it and about 10% cheaper then the equivalent Hormann model

I’ll probably stick with Hormann as I want to use a local installer and Alutech isn’t on their list. Plus I’ve had a good look today and they seem to be a very good product. I’m still thinking through the “sealing” issue though, but I think I can leave the rear windows on the locked trickle flow and the installer can fit a couple of air vents at the front he thinks, so it’s probably worth the expense.

While I’m asking…may decide to upgrade the lighting when I rejig things for the door fitting. Any recommendations for LED type lighting in a garage?

LED striplight with PIR…got a couple in ours…work really well.

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Yes we had some fluorescent tubes in the garage……strip light much better.

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