She was last seen tied to a rack in a cell about to be " visited" by Ser Gregor Clegane …

And about as far from a garden as is possible to get

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You know I never realised that was her and still wouldn’t have if you hadn’t pointed her out. I love her in Ted Lasso but always wondered why I hadn’t seen her before in some other role.


Nothing too exciting to report on here, other than we finally have a few fine days after a very prolonged spell of wet weather since last winter. We have literally only had a few fine weeks, and March was generally fine after the big cyclone. So I’m finally caught up with the lawns and strimming and I’m working through a big prune and tidy of the garden whilst I have a quiet spell of work. The vegetable garden is rotten and we have lost a few plants from being too wet, even though they are on the side of a hill that is usually dry!


It looks very nice Mike.

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I’ve had this Trochodendron in a (large) pot for about 14 years. In the last couple of years it’s had a flower or two - but this year it’s exploded in blooms.


Just over a month ago I posted my concern for our standard laurels which had suffered from defoliation with the leaves remaining looking very poor.

I’m pleased to post that a month later nature has stepped into action and they are recovering very well. This is a picture of the worst one which has improved considerably.


I’ve had a similar problem with bay bushes. Cut out the damaged parts, gave them a feed and fortunately they appear to be recovering.:crossed_fingers:


Interesting stuff. I’ve a laurel tree in the back garden and it’s dropping leaves suddenly. I may need to read a bit about these bushes / trees.

Happy to see your’s recovered.

One sad aspect of having a cat:

The cat will get a necklace with some bells this weekend. Hopefully that helps.


Spring has well and truly sprung!


And paddock


Great pics on this thread. Wish I had a garden.

Anyhow, some tree ferns on the way back home from the pub this evening…


I view of the wilder side of the garden
It’s a grade 2 listed snuff mill that needs a lot of work


I has to Google that. What a lovely piece of history to have, but a massive undertaking to restore, I’d think.


Building a new chicken coop today.

It’ll be very modern. There is electricity prepared in the spot where it’s going to be so a solar panel is intended as roof.


And some Ground Elder?

Yes, a massive undertaking but we will get to it at some point. Need to stabilise first to stop it falling down, then get the main house right and in the meantime continue to sort the garden that has had 10 yrs of neglect. Patio area sorted and veg patch done but still a lot to do

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It’s all eaten by either human beings or chickens …

The best time of year in our garden -rhododendron overlapping with the first of the roses.

Sadly we lost our two year old Pittosporum path hedges in the winter. We are quite close to Wisley and they lost theirs too so I’m not feeling quite so bad about it! Now looking at their trial of alternatives and considering a variety Podocarpus. Anyone any experience?


Well ‘No Mow May’ has left my lawn somewhat invaded……

Not sure how easy it will be to remove the creeping buttercup


When you mow it will turn green like it was before. :+1:t2:
One of my neighbours went nuts trying to kill all the rouge flora in his huge lawn it looked like a bomb site for a couple of years.
I’ve stuck to mowing. :thinking:

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