Put some more sunflower seeds out for the goldfinches because they were all gone, and see the noisy green things scoffing it, then they sit in the tree mocking me after I have chased them off, waiting for another opportunity. Conversely, I don’t mind the woodpecker, but he is too alert to be photographed on a phone.


The traditional cherry picking Is very meagre this year, we had lots of rain and storms with little opportunity to mature


Winter wattle


Jumped when I saw this little critter a few feet today as I salvaged some old planters/pots from a wilder area of the garden.

Young rat I assume. Breathing very heavily but moving, though clearly not well enough to run away.

30 minutes later it was on its side with flies on the fur.

Assumed nature woud take over. Went out shopping as I really didn’t want to touch it unless I had to.

Had gone a few hours later, most likely devoured by the aggressive gulls nesting on our chimneys.


Fathers Day card from my daughter to her allotment owning father!


Ah, could be poison and the poison transmits into gulls, kites etc.

I would have suggested gloves ( ideally disposable ) and double bagging it for the dustbin.

I do have a small rat problem at the moment and am loathe to potentially introduce poison into the food chain .

Best wishes



An air rifle is eco friendly


Or a mini crossbow, only thing is cleaning the shaft after the kill

Hydrangea finally in blossom. We had a cold and and rainy season this year, yesterday still 18C, pretty low for mid June


The roof terrace had ivy being overdue for a good trim. Just done. Yes, I also cut the antenna cable halfway Belgium - Slovakia. Repaired already to keep domestic peace.


I’ve been utterly delighted to have this little beauty living on our roses for the past few weeks…a beautiful creature. I rehomed it to another rose as the original bigger rose lost all its petals. The spider seems quite happy, luckily (once I put the camera away, lol).

Pink Crab Spider


I remember many years ago living in the U.S……i did my neighbour a favour and strimmed his front yard.

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That certainly crossed my mind as the claws (particularly hind ones were very bruised), so wondered if it was bleeding internally - either that or a respiratory infection or maybe a close encounter with a cat or gull which left it injured.

It actually looked pretty cute as it slowly wandered over that old Swingball base.

Ultimately they’re only creatures trying to survive it’s a shame they spread so much disease and can be so destructive.

Spoke to the neighbours either side - one said he’d put poison out recently as something was tearing recycling bags apart. Pretty sure that’s the gulls as I saw one making a right mess of a bag a few doors away a week or so ago, and one of our needed re-bagging last week due to dozens of slits/holes.

I’d swap him for some of the likely false widows I’m finding more and more frequently.

Tiny spiders seem to have infested our clothes pegs too. Very sad destroying their webs every time we peg things out poor mites.

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Delighted with my new Stihl pole cutter - low end model, new ecosystem, but undoubtedly better than the DeWalt consumer version which shares the same pole system as their pole saw I got a few years ago which bends at every joint and feels flimsy despite the saw mechanism working fairly well.

Spent most of yesterday in the garden cooking food on the BBQ and cutting growth back.

Stupidly got on a 5-6 foot ladder to attack the willow we had cut back professionally earlier this year which has produced massive new growth.

Looked up, lost balance and fell off the ladder - how I avoided serious injury I have no idea. A bit dazed and stunned but that was it.

Getting too old for this kind of thing.


Ouch. I’d ask you to take care Grandad, but apart from the falling off bit I have been doing similar (age 69 and half). Hope the bruising comes out quick.

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Oddly, I don’t think there will be much bruising - somehow managed to twist and land not too uncomfortably possibly as I partly landed on a packaged collapsible gazebo we’ve not used for years which is probably completely trashed but I’ve not opened the ‘case’ up to see!

Was aching all over last night and this morning though and was very tempted to try to take a day off work at short notice but didn’t.

Actually probably a case of being more sensible.

A glass or two of cider during the afternoon and silly footwear were quite possibly contributory :scream_cat:

At least I didn’t land on Mrs AC who was supporting the ladder and got a bit of sympathy for my troubles :grin:


Old blokes and ladders are a dangerous combination, glad you’re ok.


Please take care , my previous neighbour planted a willow tree , and then left , it’s a bloody nuisance ( apologies for language) . My current neighbour has zero money so can’t afford to have it removed and I am not spending hundreds of pounds on someone else’s property , even though I will be the beneficiary.

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