Same pot and reasonably sunny location for a few years - maybe the pot needs some new compost/soil by now. Lots of little weeds I need to thin out in the pot too - ordinarily would have done so by now.

Mint is a bit of a tricky one. It wants to spread and likes a lot of space. In a pot it will get restricted quick, which will stunt its growth. The leaves won’t be produced at a fast rate and so you’re left with tough old leaves. In the ground it romps away with loads of fresh soft leaves, but it spreads everywhere and can be a nuisance.


Yes, the leaves get quite tough in a potbound plant. I find that dividing and repotting every couple of years keep the plant fresh and healthy.
I certainly wouldn’t want to plant one in the ground, they soon get out of control.


Swiss mint that I didn’t pot into a container rooted from the small pot in the container I rested it in - only the front half of the container has the mint currently with the original small pot behind which has just started to produce some shoots:

The standard mint looks great at the minute:


Powdery mildew on cucumbers - what do you use to treat it?

Does milk and water actually work?

Bought some small cabbage plants - greenfly have attacked some, an initial spray of dilute washing up liquid helped one,but another has become covered in bloated aphids overnight.

Rust fungus of some kind?

Not the best pic but difficult with gloves on!

Cholocate mint (‘After Eight’ variety supposedly):

Clearing garden elsewhere didn’t even realise this was mint as I started strimming.

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Strimmed an overgrown lawn yesterday (No mow 2024!)


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Get down on your knees, put your face next to it and shine a torch down the hole. If a load of wasps come out, I’m thinking of you.

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Or an adder :snake:

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Forget wasps the overgrown privet and brambles had me cursing frequently despite gloves.

Definitely rodent runs/holes - loads of little ‘tunnels’ in the grass before strimming the high growth. A few hours later I saw at least 4 scurrying around probably eating grass seed which got splattered everywhere.

The bizarre thing is that most of them were white, and I managed to get a few shots with a camera - not great pics but pretty certain they were albino rodents.

Escaped pet mice or was I having an HHGTTG moment?

There were also either a couple of old mole hills or huge mounds of earth from ant activity I kept tripping over.

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I tried milk and water last year and it worked. Unfortunately I forgot about it and left it in the sprayer over winter.


Fortunately in my gardening garb this morning cutting the grass.

I heard a few voices coming down the track and then two people appeared in the garden saying I wasn’t expecting them then a pause…

They were Jehovah’s Witnesses and I to my shame said I was the gardener and the owners were away. Despite looking busy it didn’t deter them from stopping to admire the garden and then saying did I do many gardens or just this one… :lying_face:


Hmmn….we live in a world where we have too much information……the door to door by anyone does not vote, business etc

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The only good rat is a dead one :smile:. Seriously though, if they get into your house they cause untold damage, especially if a pregnant one drops a family in there - you really don’t want a hord of them living in the ceiling. I use spring traps and then bury them in the garden.


Heard Mrs AC scream yesterday as she set off for work/school run - big rat lurking outside the front door squeaking near an air brick.

Went out for a look and it didn’t run off as expected just darted a few feet to different cover several times, assume it was unwell.

Lunchtime today I thought I heard some odd squeaking in the kitchen, was hoping it wasn’t coming from the kitchen ceiling space.

We’ve had mice in the past and I found a rodent in an old trap beneath a step down into the kitchen that’s not caught anything for years - right hindquarter crushed, it was squeaking loudly and I donned a leather glove to take it outside in the trap. Did it come in when I was pegging the washing out or had it come through a small hole I found under the lip of the step?

Couldn’t decide if it was a baby rat or a mouse, couldn’t bring myself to drop in a bucket of water, released it from the trap and it scurried off into the bushes on 3 legs.

Not pleasant at all.

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You should have killed it. Trust me.


The way it was caught in the trap most of its body was free and I was a bit concerned it might have been able to lunge and bite my hand so really it was a case of getting it out of the house as quickly as possible. Didn’t quite expect it to scurry off like that to be honest, would have preferred to have contained it until nature took its course as that would have given me more time to ascertain what it was. Assuming it will not survive long and just enter the natural food chain, but you never know I guess if the injury was not as significant as it appeared.

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It doesn’t reflect well on the photo, but this is a quite fat full grown hog:

Almost every night.


Does he live in your garden?

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