I can hear breathing, feel a pulse, and see buds… IT LIVES!

The Acer is awakening from its Orange Dream.
So it wasn’t just a little twig i paid ten quid for! :smiley: :+1:

Going to transplant it to a fancy pot soon, and take it out the woodshed.


The fancy pot needs to be a bit smaller.

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The indoor garden is coming along.
Nothing special. I like to buy pups and watch them grow on.
Two cables are for the uv lights.
I am knocking up some trellis so climbers can cover the walls.


The tulips in the Green are emerging and flowering quickly now.

Within them are 1,000 snake’s head fritillaries (fritillaria meleagris) planted back in October. I was worried they would suffer during the February drought (we had 8mm of rain all month); more than compensated by the March downpours – and they appear to be thriving.

Beautiful and delicate – hoping these will multiply in the years ahead.


It’s 2 yrs ago, but the IBC tank is the way to go. I’m looking to buy 4 of 600 litres and stack them 2x2.

I need them since the rain water causes issues with the sewers here.

If the house is 1000 square meters, how big is the plot the house stands on Ardbeg?

It’s on Earth, Bjorn. We couldn’t afford to have it built on the Moon.

Now I’m not with you, did I write something wrong?

I think I did a failed attempt for humour. Sorry!

The entire plot is 1000 sqm (say 33 times 33), the house is 12x8. The new gardenhouse is 10x5. We plan a greenhouse in a few years which is planned to be 3x5.


Okay, total area! Then I misunderstood, thought you had bought a house that was 1000 square meters! :rofl: I was a little puzzled, but thought that it’s not impossible in the UK, there are many old castles and manors :grin:

Lemon Harvesting in our garden


They are a tough little plant. One advantage they have is they don’t come up too early, but seem pretty hardy anyway. We’ve got about 20 or so front and back, and the oldest are clumping up slowly.

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We visited Hidcote Manor (National Trust) yesterday. The Magnolia Cambellii was magnificent. Everything is stirring but Easter should be better. We bought quite a few plants, which were good value. Afternoon tea and shared scone.

The shrubs were to help reinforce this side of a dead hedge we have been building. We used some hazel poles to hold it together a bit.



All together now - one, two, three - Lemon tree, very pretty, and the lemon flower is sweet
But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat…

We preserve some , make limoncello and use some in G & T .
We had 21 lemons from our tree which was a lovely thank you gift from a neighbour .


Sun is promised for tomorrow so I will clear and clean the potting shed.
Then it’s up to you weather. I have purchased the wherewithal.

Always used to love this time of year with dad on his two allotments. Getting ready and checking for signs of a broad bean emerging.Chitting ‘taters brought out from under the beds. Yes in the bedrooms.
His seeds having been purchased the catalogues would have been put in a drawer in his shed. He saved them all. CD collecting gene obviously passed on to me.
His birthday was the 1st of April. He had his favourite tea which would be the bits of a pig no one else would eat and we would be off to the Regent for hopefully a Western. Mum went to her Whist Drives.


Thought I’d try some Basil aroma2 f1 seeds from Mr. Fotherfill’s. These are apparently less likely to bolt and are more resistant to fungus.

The packet states approx 300 seeds. I don’t make a habit of counting seeds, but it was clearly obvious that there wasn’t 300 in the packet, so I did and counted 125. The rest is dust sized particles and a few broken shells. I sowed 11 and 4 came up and two of these are very weak and doubt they’ll grow well. Not impressed atm.

Contents with seeds on the right.

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I have waited the six weeks and it looks like I have some serious thinning out to do. About 60% shows no sign of life and the fuschia that has grown alongside for 20 odd years looks lifeless.

I only use the sisters of Chiltern Seeds nowadays.

I have never had trouble but if so the company is small enough I hope to entertain problems.

Nice catalogue and ecological packaging if that is a requirement.

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Something to bear in mind thanks.